Club VEISHEA 2012

Introducing Club VEISHEA

Club VEISHEA 2012By Kristine Ahlfield

A new event will premiere this year at Iowa State’s annual VEISHEA celebration.

Club VEISHEA will feature the techno sounds of 12 different Iowa DJs, put together by DJ Kinky Kyro. Titled “Bootytronic’s Electric VEISHEA”, the event will run both Friday and Saturday from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. The club will be located on Union Drive on the street outside Friley Hall and is free for everyone.

The electric beats will be accompanied by a light show and sound system that will rock the senses. Though all the music will be up-beat and dance worthy, each of the DJs will bring their own flavor.

“The type of music will be all over the spectrum of electronic music ranging from techno to electro to glitch to disco. In the common vernacular, it will be a buffet of electronic dance music,” said Kyro.

Though there will be a total of 12 hours of music between both nights, Kyro promises there will be no repeated songs. His goal is to show people there is more to music than the “top 40s”.

“I feel that people tend to lump “techno” into one category, but in reality, there are hundreds of genres,” said Kyro.

Kyro has worked with each DJ that will perform at the event and has hand selected each of them. They each have their own style and will bring something different to the mix of music.

From Kyro personally you can expect to hear a mix of 80’s and techno with a high energy emphasis.

Bryan Scheckel, the coordinator of Bootytronic’s Electric VEISHEA, said the purpose of the event is to give people a less intimidating, fun place to go to hang out. The club gives people the opportunity to dance and have a great time without dealing the hassles that come with a house party: no threat of it getting busted when you attend one and no cleaning up afterwards when you throw one.

“I think it’s a good idea,” said Jennifer Wharton, a sophomore in accounting. “Having more events like this will keep people from doing bad, illegal things. I’ll definitely go.”

According to Scheckel, the idea of sponsoring a dance club has been floating around Iowa State for a couple of years. He decided to give Kyro, who is known for his Bootytronic parties, a pretty loose reign.

“Basically it’s the first time VEISHEA has done something like this and I feel honored to have been invited to help put this together,” said Kyro. “I’m very excited to showcase Iowa talent and make the people dance.”


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