10 Solo-Valentine’s Day Dates

Relish in the fact that you're single. Hop, skip and frolic around Lake Lavern without judgment.
Relish in the fact that you’re single; hop, skip and frolic around Lake Lavern without judgment this Valentine’s Day. Photo: Kait McKinney/Ethos

By Devon O’Brien

Valentine’s Day is the day of love and who could you possibly love more than yourself? No one. So treat yourself to one of these solo date ideas.

  1. Romantic walk around Lake Laverne: You know the legend, walk around 3 times in silence and you have found your true love. Be proud and skip around alone. If anything else, you’ll get a quick workout in.
  2. Go see Safe Haven: A Nicholas Sparks movie? So cliché, but let’s be real, would you really want your crush to see you all puffy faced and red eyed? No. In the words of Barney Stinson, it’s better to see this one Hans style: solo.
  3. Chat Roulette: It’s the speed dating equivalent of the 21st century. You never know, maybe your true love is out there in cyberspace (no catfish here), and if not, you will get to see a lot of naked body parts. Who doesn’t love that on the loneliest day of your single life?
  4. Candlelit dinner for one: That’s really the best way to do it. Think about it, a) you can wear your pajamas and b) you get the whole bottle of wine to yourself.  Dive in.
  5. Bubble bath: Being single on V-day definitely doesn’t mean you have to mope while eating an entire can of chocolate frosting. Turn up the Michael Bublé, grab a glass of wine and relax.
  6. Buy yourself a Valentine’s gift: Rather than complaining about how lonely you are, do something about it. Go out and get yourself a new sex toy. Who says this day is just for couples? A little time to yourself could be just what you need.
  7. Stock up on groceries: Nothing is more annoying than trying to maneuver around those grocery store aisles when there are couples everywhere fighting over which cereal to buy. This is the one day of the year you are guaranteed to not have to deal with their banter.
  8. Fake a stand up: Make a dinner reservation for two and put your best acting skills to use. When you get there tell the waiter you are waiting for your blind date. When he/she never shows you are bound to get a few free drinks, and maybe even a meal if you turn on the tears.
  9. Library date for one: If the rest of the world is out having a romantic evening, you might as well hunker down in the library and get ahead on your homework. The following day you will be relaxing while your non-single friends are playing catch up. (Tip: conveniently forget your pen—the perfect opportunity to approach another single library cutie.)
  10. Throw a singles party: Grab all your single friends, a few drinks and play all the classic middle school flirt games (spin the bottle, truth or dare, nervous, etc.) We are young and what better way to remind each other how fun being single is?

BONUS: Valentine’s Day falls on the drunkest night of the week this year: mug night. The only people in attendance will be other drunk singles. You do the math.