What to Watch on Netflix

We can all agree: Netflix is one of the greatest creations of our time

By Jacquelyn Bell

We can all agree: Netflix is one of the greatest creations of our time. It has opened the door to a whole new world, where pajamas are acceptable all day and hours of procrastination are inevitable. But seriously, there is nothing like snuggling up on the couch for a 10-hour binge sesh of your latest obsession.

If, like us, you’re basically in a relationship with Netflix, then you know the struggle of deciding what to watch next. Here are some binge-worthy suggestions.

When You’re “Netflix and Chillin”

The Office (American or British Version)

This witty comedy will make you laugh until you almost pee yourself. It takes place at the typical workplace and includes an adorable love story that isn’t too gushy. You are guaranteed to share some laughs and feels with your chillin partner. With all nine seasons available on Netflix, there are hours and hours of chillin’ material.

When you’re sad:

New Girl

This light-hearted comedy will definitely get you out of the dumps. The adorable Zooey Deschanel plays a cheerful girl living with three boys she met on Craigslist. It’s sweet, funny and will cheer you up in no time.

When You Have a Girls Night:


This super cute documentary is perfect for a wine night with the girls. It follows a college-aged girl that finds a video on YouTube of a girl that appears to be her identical twin. They begin a journey of discovery about their birth. It will make you wish you had a twin of your own!

When You’re With the Bros:


If you like shows about sex, drugs and bad decisions, you will love Californication. This action-packed comedy-drama is about a once famous writer, played by David Duchovny, struggling with drugs, alcohol and women while trying to raise his daughter and win back the love of his life. It is a perfect show for having some beers with the bros.

When You’re Drunk:


This animated comedy is hard not to love. Archer is the drunk and douchey version of James Bond. It’s full of secret agent missions that always go wrong, and witty adult humor—he perfect combination for a night of drinking. Bonus:  you can find fun drinking-game rules online that go with the show!

When You Want a Weekend Marathon:


Hands-down one of our all-time favorites. A hilarious comedy-drama about a newly widowed suburban housewife that turns to selling marijuana to maintain her family’s lifestyle. All eight seasons of this sharp, sexy, fast-paced series are on Netflix. It’s definitely worthy of a weekend marathon.

When You’re With With Your Parents:

Parks and Recreation

This comedy is perfect for watching with your family. It follows an optimistic Parks & Rec employee and her attempts to find solutions to hilarious situations. It has creative characters and the material is (mostly) appropriate while still being seriously funny. Most importantly, there are no awkward sex scenes to suffer through. All seven seasons are on Netflix.

When You’re Feeling Serious:

House of Cards

This show is a Netflix original, and let us tell you, they know what they are doing. This political drama involves a ruthless politician that will stop at nothing to conquer Washington. Even if you’re not especially into politics, this captivating drama is worth the watch just for the scandal. What better way to prepare for the election?