Hide Away and Hit the Books

Good study spots on campus

By Paulajean Cartwright

College may be the time to be a social butterfly and make new friends, but sometimes you just have to focus in and get stuff done. Everyone needs a sanctuary to study — whether it be in the bathroom or in the library, we all have places we like to go to hide away. If you’re looking for your place, we found a few spots around ISU that work perfectly:


The library is the most popular place to study, but there are still spaces that can be private and relaxing — for example, on the second floor there are little nooks that you can reserve for an hour at a time.


The armory building has many uses, housing the police department, ROTC and design studios, but the spacious building can also be perfect for studying. The armory is open 24/7, and although it does not have rooms to study in, it has nice areas for studying that are quiet and isolated.

The Towers

For people living out in the Towers, a trip to campus isn’t necessary. This study room, open all day, is in the commons of Wilson next to the projector room. At first glance it may look like a broom closet or storage room, but don’t let its first impression deceive you — it is soundproof and has comfortable chairs, a couch and a big glass window that allows for study breaks when needed.

Lagomarcino Hall

Underneath the brick facade and iconic archway, the basement in Lagomarcino contains a small library. It contains a lot of children books, due to the fact elementary education majors lingering around the building, but is still a secluded place to get some work done.

Molecular Biology

This building is so isolated and a perfect study place. There are conference rooms on every floor that are open when class is not is session — great for studying in a group with friends and alone as well. Though the spaces are wide open, one can still study without any disturbances. Its serves all five of the colleges at Iowa State so no matter what your major you could pick up lot of information there.