The Art of Smuggling Booze

By Sierra Cross

No one can argue that attending sporting events, concerts, music festivals, fairs, and
bars is one of the best parts of being a young college student. However, the down side of this is the extremely high prices of alcohol. Part of being a college student is being broke,

so how do these event planners expect us to be able to afford to get to that perfect stage of “drunk enough to have more fun than we would have sober”?
Many college students resort to sneaking their alcohol into venues. This is where it can
get tricky. It seems security has only been getting stricter with more intense pat-downs and bag checks, which means smuggling in one’s own alcohol is getting harder and harder.

Lucky for us, college students are creative.
For girls, it can be a little easier to sneak something right under the security guard’s
nose. Girls carry huge purses with them at most times (because we always have anything
imaginable someone might need). Darrian Spilman, a student at Kirkwood Community College, told us about an occasion in which she was in the bathroom of a bar, and a girl pulled a bottle of Grey Goose out of her purse! Darrian recalled her passing it around and sharing shots with all the girls in the bathroom! Girls are also able to get by with putting shots of their choice in fake tampons (the only time having a period comes in handy, am I right, ladies?).

Let’s also not forget our bras make great carrying devices!

A few other popular ways to get those booze through the door are in Camelback water
backpacks, fake sunscreen bottles, strapping into your body under your clothes, hiding in
folding chairs or shoes, and tying it in your hair. Among all of these clever ways to get your drinks into the fun; companies like Amazon are now making bracelet and hair brush flasks that hold liquor or wine!
These are all clever and sneaky ways to get buzzed on your own booze, but do they beat
Alex Diamond’s genius strategy? New Musical Express magazine posted an article about a man named Alex Diamond who was fed up with the strict security and over-priced alcohol at music festivals. He planned to visit the venue in which the Electric Zoo festival in New York City was being held and pinpoint the perfect spot to bury his water bottle full of vodka where he would later track it down during the festival and dig it up.

They quoted him saying, “The planning of the burial was simple. We used Google maps and marked our spot of GPS so we would know where it would be.”
Everyone loves going out to these various events and having a good time, but until
event venders lower the prices of booze, we’ll have to keep coming up with ways to sneak it in right under their noses.