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Drinking in Different Cultures

By Terigele Name a culture that doesn’t like to drink. (OK, so maybe Mormons, Muslims and Catholic Priests aren’t so keen on it.) Drinking is one of the most common social activities among American...


Tune up your tailgate drink menu

Here at Ethos, we love a good daytime cocktail. Try some of these tried and true drink recipes at your next tailgate as you prepare for another Cyclone win.

The Parties Heard ‘Round the World

By Kelly Mantick Each year, an event explodes into the social scene of America’s party prone young adults. MTV hosts, Maxim models attend, bars overstock and college students let loose. Most red-blooded American youths...

Making the cut

By John Lonsdale Photos Laurel Scott Her face said it all. Every stylist in the beauty school salon knew she wasn’t happy with her cut. She wanted French braids or twists in the front....