Wheatsfield produce manager

Fed up!

By Tyler Kingkade Elise Elsbernd purchased two seaweed salads from Panda Express along with a stir-fry entre from World Bistro the Memorial Union before she sat down to eat lunch with her twin sister and a friend. Elsbernd, senior in exercise science, explains she simply had to grab two of the seaweed because “they never […]

Spend locally; the 3/50 Project

I think it’s safe to say that everyone is fully aware that our current economy isn’t doing so hot. People in all walks of life are affected by these hard times and I’m pretty confident I’m speaking for more than myself when I say that I’d like to see a turnaround. For a while, I didn’t really think there was anything which I, a small speck with no voice in the middle of Iowa, could do to contribute to the boosting. Turns out I was wrong.